Tasha Gifford Broker for Broward Property Realty - RIPOFF ARTIST

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Tasha Gifford Licensed Real Estate Broker for Broward Property Realty Inc. Arrogant, rude, self-centered, manipulative, deceitful ***....will look you right in the eyes and casually lie to you and rip off your money... Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tasha Gifford Licensed Real Estate Broker for Broward Property Realty Inc.

2437 N. Dixie Hwy.

Ft Lauderdale Florida 33305

United States of America

Web Address: browardproperty@gmail.com

Unless you enjoy being lied to by a deceitful Real Estate office, do NOT go to Broward Property Realty in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Run by a fat, arrogant, rude little girl named Tasha Gifford, this office will take your money, not provide the service you expect, and eventually cause you more grief that you ever dreamed possible. She has continually lied to clients, misplaced complete client files, overcharged clients, not refunded client's money with her fine print surprises in contracts, and not provided services that she promises. If you are interested in an inexpensive property, you WILL be put on the back burner - you are not important to her at all. She is a newly licensed Broker, and is using this license to ripoff hard working honest people.

It took her only about ten tries to pass the Broker's exam, the genius she is. Tasha and her chubby shadow Genevieve will look you right in the eyes and mislead you, and if you give them any money you had BETTER get FULL documentation for it, and make sure it is REFUNDABLE, or they WILL keep it. Several clients absolutely ripped off on hidden fees and charges for her NON services. Beware of this fat ***, she lies to and manipulates people so casually and effortlessly, it is a real shame she is allowed to operate this ripoff agency.

Her husband is currently in prison for killing a man, and she will probably also be there soon at the rate she is going with this "chop-shop" real estate office. She still lives with her mom and dad (convicted felons) who made their money in the phone sex business, and currently they are promoting several internet *** and prostitution websites, real classy morals based people. They are all nothing more than a bunch of cheap grifters, having conned many good honest folks out of money for years and years now, living off of the grief of those they stole from.

So unless you want to be ripped off by this annoying ***, stay the *** away from her, and Broward Property Realty. Hey guys, she IS a good person to date though, her promiscuity for men is legendary; as is her inability to wear clothes that actually fit her fat butt.

Am I ticked off? You BET I AM, she screwed me good for a lot of money, and everyone needs to know these FACTS about her and her family before they consider giving her a single penny. You don't believe me? Well just make sure you keep track of your receipts, make sure everything is REFUNDABLE, read ALL of the fine print in any document she tries to get you to sign, these people are professionals at hiding huge surprises in small print...and don't tell me that I didn't warn you.


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Wow, I'm sorry for what's happened to you but I'd hate to see you make it worse by having to pay her for defaming when you got a bit off track posting her personal info.Id advise you to get rid of the personal stuff because truly her husband being "in prison" didn't cause your deal to fall through..this review has lawsuit written.

All over it Hun and id hate to see her take more from you than she already has.That's just my OPPINION though which usually don't account for much :)


its ok i *** her in the *** and she likes it alo........t


Wow you sound like you really got turned down...


Sounds like you got dumped, or you lost your boyfriend to her! You provide no specific information regarding a transaction.

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